Hi folks. I’m getting nowhere with the problems at the original DIY COW, so I propose some small measure of preparedness here.

As yet we still don’t know exactly how the challenge setting/judging will take place here, but with the proper forum being fragile we might as well get ourselves ready for the move here that was originally scheduled for August. We can work the details out later.

WordPress works a little differently. To prevent spammers each contributor’s first comment must be moderated, so please make yourselves known a.s.a.p. – not least because I need to know that the original forum’s members are aware of this place!

Posted March 26, 2011 by Anax in General Announcement

34 responses to “PLEASE REGISTER HERE

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  1. Hi anax

    Is this how we’re supposed to register? Seems a bit odd to me if it is.

    Anyway, thanks for the judging on #103 – FANTASTIC, it was much appreciated and very educational as always.

    I hope the ukpuzzle forum site does come back, if only temporarily, because there is a priceless resource for us amateurs filed there. I’d be quite happy to save all the data in one format or another if you like.



  2. Hi anax – just making sure I am on the list here.
    Is it worth asking Suchi, Big Dave and others to throw an announcement out?. I don’t know what the coverage would be but it would pick up some potential stragglers.

  3. Hi anax, thanks for your welcome and comments on my first effort. Just registering on the new page. Avatar to follow, I hope.


  4. Just registering. Another huge effort on the judging – much appreciated anax.

  5. Found it! Well done that Google. Even Norton is happy to come here; that big red cross with “could be injurious to your health” has been replaced with a green tick of approval. If only it would stop giving me the “do you really want to submit that rubbish” prompt.

  6. Registering, i guess. Thx for the judging on fantastic

  7. Hi Anax, please count me in.

    Thanks for the really ‘fantastic’ educational judging.

  8. Not sure if my previous post is still under moderation or was simply lost, so putting this in again to say I’d like to be registered too.

  9. Hi Anax,

    Thanks for all the effort! Please subscribe me in.

    Prasanna S

  10. Registering. I hope you can recover all the data from the old DIY COW, Anax.

  11. Hi Anax – registering as requested.

  12. Registering

  13. Hi Anax dn’t know if I’m doing this right! Dave gave me this link after I had been asking on the blog if anyone knew what was happening, do we post out clues here?? Thanks for the judging on Friday I did manage to read the pdf? file, once again very fair and helpful comments, congrats to Tesla, though it took me a while to ‘see’ it once I did thought it was brilliant, hope I’ve done this right!!

  14. I’m here and thanks again for all your detailed comments Anax, a lot of new insights in there.

  15. Present on parade!

  16. Where Oh where has my little dog gone?!

  17. Hi Anax… Registering as required!

  18. Please register me.

  19. Checking in for the first time. Hello!

  20. Just registering my presence on the new site and thanking you for the huge effort of judging *103

  21. Hi, only just registered on the old site! Looking forward to taking part

  22. Please register me

  23. Hi Anax

    Salute to your efforts to keep this afloat. Please register me.



  24. Hi found you again thanks to google. Many thanks for the excellent judging.

  25. Registering as requested.

  26. Hi,
    I’m a newbie, and would like to join, please.

  27. Oh go on then

  28. HI Anax,
    I’m leaving a reply. I’m a little confused as to whether this constitutes registering.

    Steve = : ^ )

  29. Just clocking in . . .

  30. Is this how you register?

  31. ditto

  32. Is this what I do to register, Anax? Hope so.

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