DIY COW Forum is working!!!   5 comments

Great news, and a great relief too. One or two of you may have found your way here oblivious to the old phpBB forum, so here it is:

Could I ask those of you who have posted MANICURIST clues here to copy them into the proper forum? Many thanks.


Posted March 29, 2011 by Anax in DIYCOW, General Announcement

5 responses to “DIY COW Forum is working!!!

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  1. Once again is unavailable.

    It looks as though the hosting company is experiencing serious difficulties.

    As for DIYCOW #108 (DIVORCE), I have all of the entries made prior to 0040 today – that means that I’m missing the last three from S T Sahasrabudhe, and possibly others.

    I’ll delay judging until later, to give the old site a chance to return.

  2. Yes, it appears there is another problem. I’ve been away in Italy for a week with almost zero web access so only just picked up an email from them, part of which reads:

    We would like to give you an update regarding an issue found on server 15.

    The Power Supply Unit in this server has failed, we sent a replacement PSU to the data centre which was installed, unfortunately although power was live on the server, the server itself would not respond.

    We believe the midplane on the server has suffered damage as a result of the PSU failure.

    We are now sending a replacement chasis for the server to the data centre. Which we hope will solve the issue.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Can’t do anything but wait until they get it sorted.

  3. Well at least there is some tangible feedback that doesn’t sounsd like so much BS!. One does why there isnt a hot standby machine/setup that can be swapped in for an of the 15 or more servers.

  4. Well, not having access to the old forum, I guess that I should post the verdict on #108 here.

    I can’t create a new entry to do that, though, so I’ll have to post it in one of the existing entries.

    Here, perhaps?

  5. Hi Qix

    I’ve set up a thread – sadly you won’t be able to do much in terms of formatting although you can use the usual instructions for bold and italics.

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