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Despite several attempts at contact there is no further news from Web-Mania regarding the offline websites.

Just out of interest I found a review forum and among the hosting companies reviewed is Web-Mania. I was shocked to see just how angry people are about this company, and the general consensus is that since transferring from the UK to America they’ve become downright shady characters – one commenter claims to know that they’ve actually gone out of business, but only backs that up by saying phone calls/emails/letters etc are going unanswered. Meanwhile Web-Mania has updated its homepage and still invites people to pay them for hosting.

It’s all a bit worrying to be honest.

UPDATE: Good news, bad news. I’m in the process of transferring to a new webhost, which is good – should take a couple of days to get the domain re-registered and upload everything. Bad news, though. The mysql folder (which contains all the DIY COW forum data) is on Web-Mania’s server #18, that is one of the damaged ones. So I can’t retrieve anything or back it up – it’s looking like it may be lost.

FURTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Gnomethang (see posts below) there is some more information. Web-Mania’s website now confirms that 7 of its servers went offline due to technical failure and that new equipment was being installed on 4th May 2011. However, this link shows that a meeting of creditors took place (I presume) on 26th April with a view to liquidation of the company.


Posted May 4, 2011 by Anax in DIYCOW, General Announcement

18 responses to “UKPuzzle / DIY COW status update

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  1. If those are the circa I would say “Eff ’em!”

  2. Too bad, what a shame its all lost though 😦

  3. Indeed. What hurts most is the (very likely) loss of all those fantastic reviews. I’m furious with web-Mania.

    • I have tried the Wayback Machine but it appears that we are not archived – likely as it was a plug-in forum and not a web page.
      I know that I have my own notes from the two that I judged. I wonder how many others have their own raw notes?. I know that good work was done by who PDF’deded the previous results.
      Is it possible that with a bit of work we could resurrect this excellent place?

      • Any decent hosting company would have a backup that wasn’t co-located with the primary data store. Sadly, most of them also have disclaimers in their TOS limiting their liability for data losses.

        A cursory web search suggests that things haven’t been going too well for Web-Mania of late. At least their homepage now admits that there are problems, which it didn’t until very recently, so maybe there is some hope (with Paul Daniels’ usual caveat).

  4. Looking tonight it appears that the inevitable has happened:

  5. I was keeping my blog up-to-date albeit a week in arrears, but unfortunately since DIY COW went down on Friday 29th April I have no data at all for #107 – CATACLYSM set by stevsie I think. If he still has the write up could he contact me and I will add it to the blog (

  6. The faintest glimmer of hope?
    According to Begbies Traynor, Nathan Barnes has taken on Web-Mania as a sole trader although (to quote others) it’s all a bit wobbly at the moment. It also turns out that at least some websites have come back online.
    For UKPuzzle – and thus the original forum – that’s come a bit late as the domain transfer has already happened, so I can’t access the server to retrieve the mysql database.
    However I have emailed Nathan to ask if anything can be done – will keep you informed of any response.

  7. I accidentally clicked on an outdated bookmark and found that the ukpuzzle site is back again! Any plans of moving over again?

    • Hi Shyam

      Yes, ukpuzzle has come back to life. It is my intention to restart the forum, but it has to be built again from scratch because the sql data was lost on the previous host’s damaged servers. I’ve never built a phpBB forum before, so I’m trying to get my head around it all – doesn’t help that I’m stupidly busy with other stuff at the moment.

  8. Incidentally, I emailed the new host to thank them for their help. It turns out that they’re still waiting for the domain to migrate to them – ukpuzzle has come back to life on the Web-Mania server! COMPLETE WITH DIY COW FORUM!!!!!

    That means the forum will also migrate – so we’re back in action as of now!

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