DIY COW RETURNS!!!!!   5 comments

Yes indeed. has come back to life along with the DIY COW forum. I thought at first it was just UKPuzzle that had successfully migrated to the new host, but they inform me it hasn’t transferred yet and that it’s still on Web-Mania’s servers. This is terrific news – the website AND THE FORUM will migrate in the next couple of days, but it’s available again with immediate effect; none of the sql data has been lost. Break open the champers! For now, let’s complete the current challenge here – this week’s winner can set the new challenge on the original forum.


Posted May 19, 2011 by Anax in General Announcement

5 responses to “DIY COW RETURNS!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful news! It’s not the same in here, is it?

  2. Just a word of caution though…
    For the forum to continue after the domain transfer I need to pay the new webhost to do the transfer and reconfiguration of the sql and other data. For entirely understandable personal reasons my contact may not be able to do this straightaway – there’s a chance that, temporarily, the forum may go offline again.

  3. Ouch – seems like the bandwidth limit at the other place has been reached.

  4. currently shows an “Account Suspended” message.

  5. Strange case of the webhost tying itself up in knots regarding how much the hosting costs and when it’s due for renewal. Apparently the latter date is 28th of each month but because a ‘costing’ error on their part had undercharged me for two months (which they say they’re giving me free as it was their mistake) it appeared I hadn’t paid them. I’ve kept them happy with an advance monthly instalment so the site should be back online shortly.

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