DIY COW #109 – CURRENT   66 comments

Gazza has set the word CURRENT as this week’s challenge.

At the moment we have no way of knowing when the forum will be back online. My gut instinct is to say use the next few days to work out some clue ideas (i.e. don’t post them here yet) in readiness for ‘home’ re-opening, but if there’s no sign of that happening by, say, Tuesday evening start posting your clues here. I’ll go with consensus, though; if you feel it’s worthwhile submitting here from the off, please go ahead.


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DIY COW #108 – DIVORCE   15 comments

Here we go…

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DIY COW Forum is working!!!   5 comments

Great news, and a great relief too. One or two of you may have found your way here oblivious to the old phpBB forum, so here it is:

Could I ask those of you who have posted MANICURIST clues here to copy them into the proper forum? Many thanks.

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DIY COW 104 – MANICURIST   50 comments

Last week’s winner Tesla has put forward MANICURIST for DIY COW 104. Even if we don’t end up using this forum as the pukka clue-writing thing, at least you now have a word to play with. By all means post ideas here! CONTEST FINISHED Results in PDF  form here: DIYCOW104

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Hi folks. I’m getting nowhere with the problems at the original DIY COW, so I propose some small measure of preparedness here. Read the rest of this entry »

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DIY COW 103 – results   Leave a comment


The phpBB DIY COW forum has been offline now for around 20 hours, which hasn’t happened before. Webhost Web-Mania seems unable to respond to support queries; their live support, advertised as 24/365 is unavailable, and their own website throws up system errors when I try to access e.g. site stats. About a month ago I contacted them with a support query and they never responded – so I’m guessing they’re either ignorant or in trouble.

The plan to move DIY COW here may therefore be forced upon us sooner than intended; please spread the word to DIY COW regulars if you have contact with them. Thanks.

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Wait for it   6 comments

From August 2011 (or earlier if enough people say that’s what they want) the DIY COW forum currently hosted at UKPuzzle will move here. WordPress formatting options are scant when it comes to posting replies, so there will be some tweaking to do; your suggestions are welcome.

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